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Jennifer Griffin has 20 years of experience in massage and bodywork. She owned her own massage studio in Carefree Arizona where she specialized in rehabilitating clients with chronic pain. In 2021 Jennifer fulfilled a dream of moving to Costa Rica where she now resides. She has been working with several yoga retreats as a massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Jennifer has also been working with local massage therapists in Costa Rica teaching them her own technique of Myotherapy. She is currently on a journey of self-love and self- care and understands how physically and emotionally challenging the work of a massage therapist can be. When not working Jennifer enjoys long walks on the beach, yoga, and surfing.



Myotherapy is a therapeutic system based on a combination of modalities including trigger point therapy, zone therapy, referred pain theory, dermatone theory and psychogenic pain theory. The purpose is the revitalization, rehabilitation and re-education of the bodies holding patterns, restoring physical health and full range of motion. Myotherapy begins by finding the holding patterns of the body and then using different methods and tools to position the body in order to release these patterns. The body is moved in such a way to engage and disengage muscles while also activating and releasing trigger points. The skeleton is articulated in a way to help release and stretch the muscles. The goal is to have full range of motion by moving the affected joint and stretching the area and corresponding muscles in order to release holding patterns.

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Jennifer Griffin is a NCBTMB continuing education provider #1000795  

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